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    Project Management
    There’s an annual project coming up and all you want to do is ignore it.
    You’ve tried DIYing it or handing it over to someone in-house. But details were missed, deadlines were mere suggestions, and tensions ran high.
    Look — coordinating a multi-detailed project is a hair-pulling feat, with last-minute emergencies cropping up like mosquitos in the dead of the night.
    And the last thing you want to be worrying about is a delivery guy gone AWOL.

    That’s where we come in.

    We take care of your project down to the last Asana board.

    Your project — tied up and neatly wrapped with a bow.

    No missed deadlines

    No cutting corners
    No vendors left hanging
    Yes to a hugely successful project

    Our 4 step process to a perfectly managed project.

    Clear timeline
    Map out an exact plan of what needs to be done and set concrete deadlines.

    Project management
    Find the perfect project management tool for this project and assign tasks to team members

    Stay on top of the project at all times to keep it running: on time, on budget, and on a high standard.

    Pull all details together to ensure all bases are covered and that everything has been completed to perfection.

    We’ve delivered for these international companies — and we can do it for you too.

    Your questions — answered

    Do you manage events/projects abroad?
    Yes! We’ve successfully managed projects based in Italy, Russia, and France. See more about them here.
    Do you only do events or can you deliver any project?
    No difference! We can organise, plan, manage and deliver any project regardless of the format.
    Do you have a team?
    Yes! Check out my talented team right here. We also partner with reputable professionals in different fields. This ranges from award-winning PR firms, to designers, videographers, and copywriters.
    Are you an events planner?
    Not quite. It can be confusing, but here’s the difference. We orchestrate events/projects for the general public with PR coverage. An events planner would be for private functions like weddings and birthday parties. Your project may include hiring an event planner if need be.

    “I am super grateful and satisfied with our work together — it was simply pleasant and easy.”

    I worked with Ekaterina on Oscar Wilde's Star Child interpretation for the Tabernacle Theatre, which we presented in March 2017. From the very beginning, Ekaterina proved herself to be responsible and committed.

    All my requests were taken into account, and all the correspondence and negotiations were conducted in a professional manner. All the paperwork for our video and light engineer visa was also submitted on time. I am super grateful and satisfied with our work together — it was simply pleasant and easy.

    Ekaterina is a responsible, committed person, she approaches everything with due care and attention.

    Dina Korzun
    Co-founder at Gift of Life Charity Foundation